Hand knotted Mohair carpets
--- Since 1993 ---


Since 1993, we are still pleased to take up this challenge and to offer these entirely hand-knotted mohair carpets.

- vegetable dyes
- 70.000 knots per m²
- all sizes from 1 to 9 m²
- mohair wool 100% hand-knotted
- ethnic, modern or customized graphic design.

1m ² requires one month for 70,000 knots.
Carpet pile: 13millimeters.

 Surface  Sizes (l X L) Weight  
0.50m² (0.50m X 1.00m) 1.7kg  Bedside
1.00m² (0.70m X 1.40m) 3.5kg Bedside
1.50m² (1.20m X 1.20m) 5.2kg   
2.00m² (1.20m X 1.65m)  7.0kg   
3.00m² (1.50m X 2.00m) 10.5kg   
4.00m² (1.70m X 2.35m) 14.0kg   
4.00m² (2.00m X 2.00m) 14.0kg   
5.00m² (2.20m X 2.20m) 17.5kg  
5.00m² (2.00m X 2.50m) 17.5kg  
6.00m² (2.00m X 3.00m) 21.0kg   
6.50m² (2.50m X 2.50m) 22.7kg   
7.50m² (2.50m X 3.00m) 26.2kg   
9.00m²  (2.50m X 3.50m)  31.5kg