The Malagasy MOHAIR Carpet


In the heart of Ampanihy, a small town located on the border of the Mahafaly and Antandroy countries, Eric Mallet's workshops have been making sumptuous carpets since 1993, the prestige of which is equal to the production of yesteryear, the splendid era of the 50s and 60s.

Striking contrast between arid region and production of luxury mohair carpets.

Close to women and men who put their skills to development of their locality. All the benefits serve to perpetuate local know-how and allow the economic development of the region by offering long-term work. A sustainable growth which revives the cultural identity.

His manufacturing secret, Eric Mallet owes it to his love of the country and to an extraordinary determination. The adventure begins off Madagascar, where the sailboat which he was responsible for conveying suffers serious damage. Landed on the Big Island, he decides to go to Ampanihy because the carpets of the region are part of his childhood memories.

Despite the harshness of this difficult to access region, far from decent health service, regularly subjected to severe droughts, Eric is excited. After the first few years of observation, integration and studies, he decided to relaunch this activity. By mobilizing village women, he revives the weaving fiber in them and awakens a sleeping tradition by training them. These are several years of work and investigation to find maximum quality in terms of threads and colors (fully vegetable dyes from endemic plants collected in the bush) . Eric therefore develops a unique thread in the world whose caliber allows him to offer a hand knotted carpet of 70,000 knots per square meter.

His workshop hires around fifty local weavers and three men who test constantly its new colors to diversify its color chart.
In this arid universe, the making of mohair rugs is a blessing and a pride for the region.
These women-weavers, generating income, have a very economic and social impact positive in the village.
And here, everyone calls this "passionate", Eric Tapis!
The recognition of his action for the development of the locality earned him the national order of knight of honor in July 2006 by the Malagasy government.

Eric has for several years, alone with his private funds to the vagaries of political crises, the promotion and marketing of local know-how and the Malagasy mohair carpet As he says so well, "What me makes it stick because my weavers always remain faithful to the quality of their work. "

Today and more than ever Eric continues his action by creating an association to develop this fair trade in solidarity partnership with the community, and wishes to end up with a professional training center.
In addition, his wife Lova has been helping him with his projects for several years and continues by creating with women from the village (trained by the 'Institute of Gemology in Tana) a lapidary workshop and jewelry creation.

Malagasy proverb defining our work:
"Izay tsy mahay sobika, mahay fata-bary"
Those who do not know not the art of weaving, know pottery


The mission of the company "Le Tapis Malgache", can be found today at crossroads: developing its activity to meet the demand for jobs of young women from Ampanihy, or bir the rural exodus causing the destruction of this tradition.
Social enterprise, Le Tapis Malgache in collaboration with the association "Les Mres du sud", wants to respond to this demand for professional training, by offering stable jobs and sustainable, while promoting "the Malagasy Mohair carpet" on the high-end housing and decoration market.
All our studies on this "Southern Mothers" project reveal a socially favorable impact and economically positive consequences for the entire southwest region of Madagascar. For more info: contact us.