The Malagasy MOHAIR Carpet

Savoir Faire

1° Features?
The mohair wool used to make our carpets is very lightweight as well as an excellent thermal insulator (cold as hot) .

2° Is this delicate?
The more you walk on it, the better the patina will shine.
70.000 knots per/m²: the tightening provides unique velvet.

3° How to maintain?
The carpet is made with a unique fiber which is natural, shimmering, bright, soft and easy to maintain.
It is better to regularly air carpet and shake before replacing.
Locally clean with water using a mild soap, rinse and let dry.
Our carpet tolerate: vacuum, natural stain remover and dry cleaning.

4° Packaging & transport?
Our carpets are packed rolled.
The carpet is sent by local transport companies, its cost is chargeable to the customer.
Rates depend on destination; please indicate your address, the surface and the weight of the carpet you want to purchase.
(0.50m² ~ 1.7kg) (1.00m²  ~ 3.5kg) (1.50m² ~ 5.2kg) (2m² ~ 7kg) (3m² ~ 10.5kg) (4m² ~ 14kg)
(5m² ~ 17.5kg) (6m² ~ 21kg) (6.50m² ~ 22.7kg) (7.50m² ~ 26.2kg) (9m² ~ 31.5kg)

5° How about the price?
Mohair is a very precious wool, intended for the textile market (sweater, blanket, ...)
Our ultimate mission is to preserve a traditional weaving know-how.
The extensive and contemplative breeding returned the rarity of the Angora goat in the region.
Therefore, we select our Mohair all over the world.
This is why the itinerary is long and expensive.